11th May - 16th May, 2021


Comedy Theatre

28th Apr - 8th May, 2021


Sydney Lyric Theatre, The Star

6th Feb - 14th Feb, 2021


Created and Composed by Joe Accaria

Director by Nigel Turner-Carroll

Lighting and Production design by Richard Neville of Mandylights

Costumes and Production design by Adrienn Lord of Mandylights

Sound design by Michael Waters

Produced by Neil Gooding Productions

DrummerQueens deliver a world of rhythm that is intricate, textured and multi-timbred. A brilliant mélange of movement and rhythm, remarkable skills, stunning staging and lighting, groundbreaking electronics and a huge variety of rhythmic styles that is inspirational, powerfully irresistible and eminently danceable. DrummerQueens is the new must-see theatrical experience that will leave you breathless.

Joe Accaria is the creator and composer of DrummerQueens and currently conceptualising the stage show with Director Nigel Turner-Carroll

DrummerQueens has recently completed its first development workshop and will premiere in FEB 2021 at the Sydney Lyric Theatre!

visit for more information: https://www.drummerqueens.com 


A live music experience of such vein-throbbing, entertainment-packing stagecraft ... DRUMMER QUEENS is a sure-fire crowd-pleaser, and suitable for families too. Loud and large-scale, certainly showy. - Limelight

Their craft as drummers was exemplary and sometimes breathtaking. - Sydney Morning Herald

DRUMMER QUEENS is both a joyful and inspiring experience, that showcases the empowered energy encapsulated in sounds and rhythms. - Dance Life

A spectacle of sound, light and action - Sydney Arts Guide

The Drummer Queens fully rule - Stage Whispers

A non-conventional, loud, high energy, and stimulating night out at the theatre. - City Hub

A big budget spectacle that would particularly appeal to anyone interested in music, dance and high energy experiences while also being an empowering message to women interested in engaging in areas that have traditionally been seen as male spaces. - Broadway World

With stunning staging and world-class percussionists, it certainly delivered a live musical experience I haven't seen before. - Travel & Lifestyle

DRUMMER QUEENS is a vibrant and engaging evening full of rhythms, groove and musicianship and the audience seemed to revel in every ounce of energy with every reverberating beat. - Scene Point Blank

It's quite refreshing these days to see a performance with a strong female lead, let alone eight of them. Each one is an exceptionally gifted percussionist who brings their own personality and talents to the stage for the intimate show. - Reviews By Judith

Photo Gallery

Photography by David Hooley