Created and Composed by Joe Accaria

Director by Nigel Turner-Carroll

Lighting and Production design by Richard Neville of Mandylights

Costumes and Production design by Adrienn Lord of Mandylights

Sound design by Michael Waters

Produced by Neil Gooding Productions

DrummerQueens deliver a world of rhythm that is intricate, textured and multi-timbred. A brilliant mélange of movement and rhythm, remarkable skills, stunning staging and lighting, groundbreaking electronics and a huge variety of rhythmic styles that is inspirational, powerfully irresistible and eminently danceable. DrummerQueens is the new must-see theatrical experience that will leave you breathless.

Joe Accaria is the creator and composer of DrummerQueens and currently conceptualising the stage show with Director Nigel Turner-Carroll

DrummerQueens has recently completed its first development workshop and will premiere in FEB 2021 at the Sydney Lyric Theatre!

visit for more information: https://www.drummerqueens.com 

Photo Gallery

Workshop imagines by Luke Parry