Breast Wishes

Roslyn Packer Theatre (formerly Sydney Theatre)

31st Oct - 31st Oct, 2008

Breast Wishes

Writers: Merridy Eastman, Jonathan Gavin, Richard Glover, Wendy Harmer, Sheridan Jobbins, James Millar and Debra Oswald
Music & Lyrics: Bruce Brown
Original concept: Anne Looby 

Dramaturge: James Millar
Producers: Anne Looby, Simone Parrott & Neil Gooding
Director: Jason Langley
Musical Director: Michael Tyack
Choreographer: Nathan M Wright
Original Production Design: Imogen Ross
Lighting Design: Trudy Dalgleish
Sound Design: Michael Waters

Breast Wishes has its own website:

Breast Wishes is a new Australian musical about love, life, loss and silicon; a witty and heart-warming journey of courage and determination through laughter to triumph.

A celebration of breasts and those who support them, Breast Wishes is written by some of Australia's most respected comedic and dramatic writers including Merridy Eastman, Jonathan Gavin, Richard Glover, Wendy Harmer, Sheridan Jobbins, James Millar and Debra Oswald, with music and lyrics by Bruce Brown. Original concept by Anne Looby. 

Meet four women - sisters, mothers, daughters, cousins. Add a fumbling boyfriend, a well-meaning husband, a bra-fitter who's seen it all, some show-stopping numbers and a brilliant cast with direction by Jason Langley, musical direction by Michael Tyack, choreography by Nathan M Wright, dramaturgy by James Millar, original production design by Imogen Ross, lighting design by Trudy Dalgleish and sound design by Michael Waters you have a small musical about big issues.

A sophisticated and hilarious glimpse of cleavage and beyond which promises to make your heart sing.

The genesis for Breast Wishes was born out of our desire to create a show to raise money for breast cancer research. We felt compelled and inspired to make a difference to the thousands of women - friends, mums, grandmothers, sisters, cousins - and men who are affected by this disease.

It is only through the talent, skill and enormous generosity of all those involved over the past five years, that Breast Wishes has survived the mad, unconventional gestation period of its creative development.

What we thought initially was a story inspired by our collective experience, turned out to be in part, everyone’s story - that of life, love, loss, family, identity and above all the humour and determination which drives us all to survive.

Breast Wishes premiered with a Gala Concert in 2008 at Sydney Theatre, followed by a 2009 capital city tour. In 2011, Breast Wishes travelled to all states and territories as part of a 48 venue tour – making it one of the largest tours of a home grown musical.

The Original Cast recording of Breast Wishes is available for purchase in the Shop.


'Breast Wishes is for you! It is fun and filled with fond memories to which we can all relate. Australia's top writers and producers have put their heart and soul into this production and you will definitely come out remembering more than one tune ...... the sign of every great musical!'

Sue Murray, CEO, National Breast Cancer Foundation

"...this uplifting musical (with a fascinating backstory and evolution) strongly supports the National Breast Cancer Foundation. It promises to do more for grassroots education, in that respect, than practically any initiative to date, so, aside from its very considerable entertainment value, it's worth the price of admission, and then some, purely on that basis."

Brad Syke, Australian Stage Online

"..the atmosphere of sisterhood was palpable on opening night and is likely to follow for a while yet"

Byron Kaye, The Daily Telegraph, Sydney

Original Cast
2008 Gala Concert Premiere

Carol: Anne Looby
Lyn: Virginia Gay
Helen / Irene:  Valerie Bader
Sal:  Lisa Campbell
David:  Drayton Morley

2009 Capital City Tour

Carol: Anne Looby
Lyn: Chelsea Plumley  
Helen / Irene:  Valerie Bader
Sal:  Gretel Scarlett
David:  David Harris
Female Swing: Angela Kennedy

2011 Regional Australian Tour

Carol: Angela Kennedy
Lyn: Octavia Barron-Martin
Helen / Irene:  Suzanne Dudley
Sal:  Meghan O'Shea
David:  Berynn Schwerdt