Stranger Sings!


12th Sep - 1st Jan, 2023

Stranger Sings!

Jonathan Hogue - Book, Music, & Lyrics
Nick Flatto - Director
Ashley Marinelli - Choreographer
Michael Kaish - Music Supervision, Arrangements & Orchestrations
Walt Spangler - Set Designer
Matthew Solomon - Costume Designer
Jamie Roderick - Lighting Designer
Germán Martinez - Sound Designer

Neil Gooding Productions is proud to be an investor in Stranger Sings!

Take a trip back to Hawkins, Indiana: 1983... when times were simpler, hair was bigger, and unsupervised children were getting snatched by inter-dimensional creatures.

STRANGER SINGS! THE PARODY MUSICAL is a hilarious 'upside down' take on the hit Netflix series - and all its campy 1980s glory.

Join Mike, Eleven, Lucas, Dustin, and the whole Hawkins gang for a night of adventure, thrills, pubescent angst, heavy synth, poor parenting, convoluted love triangles, cheap effects, dancing monsters, and maybe, just maybe... justice for everyone's favorite missing ginger, Barb Holland.

Runtime: Approximately 110 minutes with a 15 minute intermission
Age Recommendation: 13+ (language, suggestive content)


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Drama Desk Award Nominations

Outstanding Lyrics

Outstanding Book of a Musical

Outstanding Scenic Design of a Musical


The book and a synth-and-electric-guitar-laden score... shrieks 1980s - Dan Stahl - NEW YORKER

What makes Hogue's satire more than a fire hose of jokes and cultural references is its reclaiming of the "frumpy best friend" role, hammed to perfection by SLee, as the dutiful turned divalicious Barb. - Dan Stahl - NEW YORKER

[This] lavish... spoof... that shrieks 1980s... [is] hammed to perfection - Dan Stahl - NEW YORKER

A portal to the Upside Down has opened - Dan Meyer - THEATRELY

hits the right notes - Dan Meyer - THEATRELY

an entry point for people who might not have seen the show before (although a primer would be useful for complete noobs). - Dan Meyer - THEATRELY

Played with exuberance and a buttload of talent - Dan Meyer - THEATRELY

Barb's... 11 o'clock solo is brilliant and hilarious. - Dan Meyer - THEATRELY

Brilliant and hilarious - Dan Meyer - THEATRELY

this musical will surely scratch the itch as we wait for Season 5. - Dan Meyer - THEATRELY

fun night out - Dan Meyer - THEATRELY

★★★★☆ - Multi-Dimensional Fun, And Not For Fans Only - Elysa Gardner - NEW YORK STAGE REVIEW

A savvy creator and vibrant, youthful cast bring the creepy Netflix series to the stage, buoyantly - Elysa Gardner - NEW YORK STAGE REVIEW

you don't have to be an ardent follower of the Netflix series on which it's based to be thoroughly entertained by Jonathan Hogue's sprightly, savvy book, music and lyrics, all of which reveal a budding theater-maker... with a joyful affinity for fusing musical theater with broader pop culture influences - Elysa Gardner - NEW YORK STAGE REVIEW

Stranger Sings! [is] a thriller in more than one respect - Elysa Gardner - NEW YORK STAGE REVIEW

★★★★☆ - Gillian Russo - NEW YORK THEATRE GUIDE

'Stranger Sings'... turns the hit TV show upside down - Gillian Russo - NEW YORK THEATRE GUIDE

If Stranger Things Twitter, theatre Twitter, and '80s kids all created a show together, it would look something like Stranger Sings! The Parody Musical. - Gillian Russo - NEW YORK THEATRE GUIDE

Stranger Sings! is not only stuffed to the brim with nostalgic jokes, but it is also perfectly on the pulse with fan conversations around the show - Gillian Russo - NEW YORK THEATRE GUIDE

It's broad and silly, and often very fun. - Joey Sims - THE BROADWAY BLOG

Nick Flatto's direction is energetic and quick - Joey Sims - THE BROADWAY BLOG

Audience members who have spent more than a few hours visiting the "upside down" over the past few years will positively flip for "Stranger Sings: The Parody Musical," >>> "Audience[s]... will positively flip for Stranger Sings!" - Brian Scott Lipton - CITITOUR

the really good news is you'll be thoroughly entertained even if you have no knowledge of the show - Brian Scott Lipton - CITITOUR


Lee earns a well-deserved mid-show standing ovation - Brian Scott Lipton - CITITOUR

grab [your] bicycle (or subway, bus, cab) and head to 46th Street for a very enjoyable outing. - Brian Scott Lipton - CITITOUR

Fans of the show will be delighted by its faithful distillation and non-viewers should be entertained by its fast-paced zaniness. - Darryl Reilly - THEATERSCENE.ORG

the show balances the humor with some spot-on observations of the characters from the original series - Jessica Taghap - OFF OFF ONLINE

Stranger Sings unabashedly wears its musical-theater roots on its sleeve - Jessica Taghap - OFF OFF ONLINE

[Barb] finally gets her due in a showstopping 11 o'clock number - Jessica Taghap - OFF OFF ONLINE

Stranger Sings: The Parody Musical is... one wild adventure best enjoyed with friends. - Jessica Taghap - OFF OFF ONLINE

★★★★☆ - Stan Friedman - FRONT ROW CENTER

dynamic performances, clever choreography..., numerous nods to Broadway classics, and amusing shoutouts to film musicals - Stan Friedman - FRONT ROW CENTER

in an all-consuming solo called "Barb's Turn," SLee goes full-out Gypsy to stop the show. - Stan Friedman - FRONT ROW CENTER

Huerta [is] a spot-on Winona Ryder - Stan Friedman - FRONT ROW CENTER

Original Cast

Jamir Brown - Lucas
Jeremiah Garcia - Dustin
Caroline Huerta - Joyce/Will
Jeffrey Laughrun - Mike
Garrett Poladian - Steve / Jonathan
Harley Seger - Eleven / Nancy
SLee - Barb
Shawn W. Smith - Hopper
Jean Christian Barry - Swing - Lucas, Hopper, Mike
Dashiell Gregory - Swing - Steve/Jonathan, Hopper, Mike, Dustin
Hannah Clarke Levine - Swing - Barb, Joyce/Will, Eleven/Nancy, Dustin

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